The delicious apple juice served every morning for breakfast at Kendov Dvorec is made from apples from our garden.                                           

Cheers with Kenda’s apple juice

Text: Helena Pregelj Tušar
Photo: Robert Zabukovec

One evening thirteen-year-old Luoqian, who was staying with his parents at Kendov Dvorec, asked in impeccable and extremely polite English to introduce the trees growing in the garden to him. We walked past the mighty chestnut tree looking out from the main entrance towards the pilgrim church on the adjacent bank, a bushy linden tree with a popular swing on its strongest branch, to the walnut tree where a squirrel is sometimes spotted beside birds. The old apple trees attracted the most attention of the Chinese boy. Guests at Kendov Dvorec know that the apple juice served every morning for breakfast is made from apples from Kenda’s garden.

At Kendov Dvorec, guests meet the rich tradition of Idrija at every step – the beautifully preserved rural architecture, hand-made bobbin lace on carefully set tables, “šajblčki” (small pottery lamps) and other pottery items. In the house with a touch of the past, tradition has been reflected in the cuisine for a quarter of a century since the former Kenda Homestead was converted into a hotel. The smells coming from the kitchen today are similar to the smells of food from the time when the Kenda family lived here. Kendov Dvorec, in line with the vision of Relais & Châteaux, offers our guests the best from nature and the surrounding area.

Just as the Kenda family used to be happy when autumn came, today’s staff of Kendov Dvorec is looking forward to the time when apples are ripening in the garden. What can be better than offering our guests an excellent “strudel” or juice made from apples we have been following since the first spring buds and sumptuous blooms through to the autumn harvest? How great is it nowadays, when the world is becoming a global village, to know the tree from which the fruits came to our table?

When the apples are ripe, the staff from Kendov Dvorec gathers on the lawn under the canopy. Rudi uses a long ladder to climb to the tops and shake the branches. The female part of the team, Simona, Tadeja and Tanja, fill the baskets. Gregor makes sure Kenda’s apples find their way to the press and the kitchen.

Harvesting apples in the garden of Kendov Dvores is a small celebration for us. We look forward to the fruits that nature gives us and that we can share with you. Visit us and toast with a glass of Kenda’s apple juice.