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Kendov dvorec


Creative, yet sophisticatedly simple.

Enjoy an unique dining experience with authentic dishes, prepared by the Kendov Dvorec’s chefs. Our cuisine takes you on a journey through the flavours of the local area with rich culinary tradition and excellent fresh ingredients sourced from local producers. Žlikrofi (stuffed dumplings), Bakalca (lamb sauce), Bati (cooked bread), Štruklji (rolled dumplings) are the specialities of the rediscovered Idrija cuisine that reflects a centuries-old tradition and cooking skills of our grandmothers.

Lunch and dinner is available by prior reservation by phone: +386 5 37 25 100 or email: Lunch is served daily between 12:00 and 15:00, and dinner is served between 18:00 and 21:00.



Friday, 14 February 2020

For him

Cold veal from Cerkno area with celery purée
Asparagus soup with home baked bread ‘Potica’
Beetroot gnocchi with horseradish and pear
Deer fillet with ‘Žlikrofi’ and cabbage
Kenda’s apple cake


For her

Smoked trout with cottage cheese from Poljanska valley and fennel
Asparagus soup with home baked bread ‘Potica’
‘Šlikrof’ with chives sauce
Cooked trout roll with potato purée
Red wine poached pear with chocolatte mousse

Menu: 50€

Obligatory reservations by phone: +386 5 37 25 100 or email:


Natural with natural, excellent with excellent.

At Kendov Dvorec great care is dedicated to the excellence and simplicity of tastes of house dishes that are perfectly complemented by premium wines of winegrowers from the Primorska region. It is a real feast for all the senses to taste the selected wines from Kendov Dvorec’s wine cellar, guided by our sommelier or wine grower. Among them a special place is dedicated to Rebula Svetlik, premium white macerated wine from the Vipava Valley.


Fresh from the countryside.

Ingredients of our dishes originate from the nearby area. Potatoes, beetroot, cabbage, turnip, kale and carrots grow in the gardens in the nearby hilly village of Ledine. Fresh cottage cheese comes from the Poljanska Valley, meat from the Idrija and Cerkno areas and trout from the crystal clear Trebušica river. Apples for our homemade strudel are picked in our garden in front of Kendov Dvorec. We offer our guests the best nature that surrounds Kendov dvorec has to offer.


Rediscovering the traditional Idrija cuisine.

The chefs at Kendov Dvorec prepare traditional dishes based on the rich Idrija culinary heritage. With a contemporary touch, requiring specific manual skills and experience the rediscovered authentic dishes become true culinary masterpieces.

Franci Pivk

Klavdij Pirih

Rok Sedej